Baby Dolls

Baby dolls are a sweet little handful. Each little face and hands are cast from a high quality porcelain, and hand painted in soft baby tones. The jointed body is fabric, filled with weighted pellets. A whispy mohair wig tops each head. The rompers and hat are hand sewn and embelished with ribbon and suitable trim. You won't want to put them down. Click on an item for a larger view.
giftshop/thumbs/gbd1t.jpg gbd1 - Sleeping baby
6 1/2" long. This baby is dressed in a light blue romper, with silk ribbon bows, and light pink and green trim. The eyes are closed and the hair is dark blonde.
giftshop/thumbs/gbd2t.jpg gbd2 - Eva
7" long. This baby is dressed in a pink romper with pink polka dots. Pink ribbon and a rosebud trim complete the outfit. The hair is light blonde and she has blue eyes.
giftshop/thumbs/gbd3t.jpg gbd3 - Twins
7 " long. Each baby is dressed in a cream-colored, ribbed romper. Blue and pink ribbon and trim complete the outfit. The hair is auburn and the eyes are brown.
giftshop/thumbs/gbd4t.jpg gbd4 - Yawning baby
7" long. She is dressed in a pink romper with white silk ribbon and pink and white trim. The small teddy bear has a blue silk ribbon bow. The hair is auburn.
giftshop/thumbs/gbd5t.jpg gbd5 - Thumb sucker
6 1/2" tall. She is dressed in a white romper with blue and pink trim, tied with blue silk ribbon, black, curly hair, and brown eyes.
giftshop/thumbs/gbd6t.jpg gbd6 - Small twins
6" tall. They are dressed in blue and pink rompers, accented with tiny, embroidered trim, with white silk ribbon. They have blonde hair and blue eyes.