Misc. Dolls

Dolls come in different styles, shapes, and sizes; each with their own personality. Enjoy this selection of various dolls. Click on an item for a larger view.
giftshop/thumbs/gdd1t.jpg gdd1 - Angel in flight
5 1/2" tall. The angel is hand painted porcelain. The body is one piece with a moveable head. She has feather wings and a silk ribbon sash with a flower, blonde mohair curls, and blue eyes. The gold stand is included.
giftshop/thumbs/gdd2t.jpg gdd2 - Nippon
4 3/4" tall. A lacy white party dress with a pink flower and bows are hand sewn on this porcelain doll. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and moveable arms. She is hand painted and signed.
giftshop/thumbs/gdd3t.jpg gdd3 - Cabbage baby
3 1/2" tall. This collectable all porcelain doll is wearing only a diaper and holding a pacifier. She is hand painted and signed.