Misc. Gift Items

Do you have an empty space on your favorite knick-knack shelf? There's always room for more. Fill that void with one of these treasures. Click on an item for a larger view.
giftshop/thumbs/gmi2t.jpg gmi2 - Pig bank
This pig bank is 3 1/2" long and 2 1/4" tall. It is glazed china that is hand painted with a tiny, blue and pink floral design. A plastic plug on the underside makes removing coins possible.
giftshop/thumbs/gmi4t.jpg gmi4 - Bear Babe
Bear Babe is a porcelain bisque, fully jointed, chubby little bear. She is hand painted with tiny pink buds, on half a side, and pink on the other. She is 1 3/8" tall.
giftshop/thumbs/gmi1t.jpg gmi1 - Noah's ark
Noah has built this ark from laser cut balsa wood. Noah sits on board along with his sheep, a hippo, and elephant, and a giraffe. All creatures are hand painted porcelain. The ark is 2 1/4" long and 1 1/2" tall.
giftshop/thumbs/gmi3t.jpg gmi3 - Tiny Tuggy
Tinny Tuggy is a 1 1/4" porcelain bisque teddy bear. He is hand painted, has moveable arms and legs, and a red, silk, ribbon bow.
giftshop/thumbs/gmi5t.jpg gmi-5 - Baby bell
3" tall. Baby bell is softly painted with tiny pink rosebuds and a star wand. The feet are the bell clapper. She is signed and assembled with a blue cord, ready to hang.
giftshop/thumbs/gmi6t.jpg gmi-6 - Ballerina bell
3 1/4" tall. Ballerina bell is dressed in a pink outfit with roses and ribbons. Her feet are the bell clapper. She is signed and assembled with a pink cord, ready to hang.
giftshop/thumbs/gm5t.jpg gm-5 - Tea pot
3" tall. This small tea pot for the collector, is hand painted on the front and back. Great detail is given to the children, bricks, and flowers. The lid is seperate, making it functional.