Miniature Dolls

The miniature doll collection contains a variety of the smallest dolls. Many of these dolls are doll house scale, with moveable heads, arms, and legs. The clothing is hand sewn with fine ribbons and lace. Collect them all. Click on an item for a larger picture.
giftshop/thumbs/gmd1t.jpg gmd-1 - Bonnet baby
3" tall. Bonnet baby is a hand painted porcelain, one-piece doll. She is wearing nothing but a white sheer bonnet with a silk, blue, ribbon bow and a pink flower.
giftshop/thumbs/gmd-2t.jpg gmd-2 - Bottle baby
1" tall, sitting. Bottle baby is a hand painted porcelain doll with moveable arms; one holding a baby bottle. She is wearing a white, lace dress, with a silk, blue bow, a diaper, and booties.